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wingman . one of the deed is two years here in berlin this is the journey when we're gone. it is going great to be with us. kiev to cleanse the ousted president is russia now is the love of all my guns with. the number of syrian refugees in lebanon the one. esa has launched its own satellites. it'll allow brussels to either through the clouds. it gave
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orders to shoot people who protested against it. that is one of the blistering accusations leveled against ousted ukrainian president viktor again called on thursday. ukraine's interim government release the first findings of an investigation into the month of unrest and violence which ended in over a hundred deaths in kenya the report also accuses russian secret service agents of bringing in weapons and explosives to live in a protest is on independence square. russia promptly began to decline i once every twenty of men in black uniforms opened fire with live ammunition in the ukrainian capital kiev allegedly members of the regime's riot police cadet caught on that morning some fifty people were killed at least ninety died in three days of carnage. soon after the bloodshed on independence
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square. president viktor yanukovich fled the country the opposition maintained from the start of the court issued came from the very top the preliminary report by ukraine's new authorities reaches the same conclusion stolen land under the cover of being an anti operation was in fact the organization of mass killings of people and was conducted directly in under the direct supervision of the uprising and called it wasn't that a local witch the report also alleges that russia's fsb domestic intelligence agency was involved in the carnage russia immediately denied the allegations as did yanukovich has repeatedly denied any involvement. we like as they navigate any orders to shoot and as far as i noted the weapons were never given to a special treat. too often defending the state buildings and the state of the surname of the worlds. opponents of the new government say the snipers were organized by
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protesters to whip up outrage meanwhile people still mourn the dead. they just want to know the truth. respective i'm going to bring good from ainetrnim heeson willatisfy all of it no y so i'm sorry ukrainian part is blaming the special forces soviet union in these photos contains its own skills of all. it's also going to panic when imprisoned in a clever script. he said he's not responsible so c'mon be happy about that. there is also blaming the russian special forces frisbee. it says the bill's offices or from russia. now in ukraine in december and january and it probably participate in planning that sponsor terror operation. russia refused to comment on which to him which makes it possible that russia is still on behind those killings to some extent
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at least. raise the question is which is still open whether there were two things one side of the demonstrators because there was also a policeman killed in until those questions announcement. no part two will be the footage happy with the results of the investigation just how important is it to the ukrainian people to get to the ballroom of the stamping should. this is extremely important for nearly a hundred people died in those shootings. beginning with the generic. the center of kiev my don is still a place of mourning for ukrainians to come and bring many many flowers and then they cry they wait for the government to investigate this tool will have to wait a month or two until he opens questions are answered. roman goes awry. ukraine will be paying more for its energy shipments from russia the energy giant gazprom has introduced an export duty on gas for ukraine which
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effectively hikes the price our price hike i should say a second time today. ukraine will now be paying more than three hundred and fifty euros per thousand cubic meters of natural gas to us about seventy percent more than the country was paying a few days ago. gazprom also her ski have to be off its debt to the company which gazprom puts at one point six billion euro us for the full well from brochures annexation of crimea is even affecting the space exploration the us space agency nasa says it suspended cooperation with russia rake sample was on the iss. since the retirement of the u s shuttle fleet russia's soyuz capsule has become as the sole means of ferry astronauts and supplies to the international space station. last week russia will be delivered to russians and americans the space station. ban applies only to direct communication between nasa personnel and their russian counterparts. a
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pullback here on earth russia's president wanted from me has been compared to adult hitler and the comparison came from germany one of germany's most respected political figures finances the book a chalet but this week said that the seizure of crimea to protect ethnic russians similar to hitler's takeover of waste in czechoslovakia to take the germans that the remark as drawn reaction from around the world but especially here in berlin russia is no stranger to criticism from the waist but the titans finger pointing from jenny has drawn a shopper kit from the kremlin in a discussion with schoolchildren finance minister hoping to adopt was asked about crimea. we know all about the true history doesn't that kind of methods that people use to take an innocent at newlands the comparison with
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the nazis credit if the gym and plants and trees with czechoslovakia when to profit as the continental. she distance itself from the minister's comments moscow was incensed and told the gym and ambassadors of foreigners to sit in the protocol for a long moderate on his mission to introduce me to move with you so now is not the time for exaggerated rhetoric you know the truth is not set a time when we are trying to de escalate tensions to him that he would use couldn't wouldn't do. the vicious his dying wish is for the top must be toned down. what was in school it is evident that some people have lost all sense of reality studios no one has to be. in russian foreign ministry's rhetoric is hard isn't it. it says two of those comments the pseudo historical references and a gross manipulation of historical facts. israel says it will not release twenty six palestinian prisoners as part of confidence building
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measures aimed at peace talks the announcement came the estate with israel calling a response to renewed efforts by the palestinians to gain recognition of the united nations the white house reacted saying that the door its middle east peace remains open. even the signs are growing that u s mediation efforts are close to collapse. this is. us secretary of state john kerry went ahead with a visit to algeria on thursday. when his songs remain fixed on saving the mideast peace talks. he said it would be a tragedy that procedural bickering stand in the way of a peace deal that this disagreement between them. it is not over the fundamental substance of a final status agreement it's over the process. that would get you there. and what you need to do in order to be able to continue to negotiate israelis and palestinians
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each claim the other side for not upholding commitments during the negotiating process. the breakdown comes after palestinian leader mahmoud abbas apply for greater international recognition for palestinian statehood. in response to israel's delaying the scheduled for release the move went down well with palestinians but this track seems to be poisoning any hopes of a sudden. or the number of the syrians to cross the border into lebanon to escape the civil war has now surpassed one million u s refugee agency. cause this number a devastating milestone this is local communities are at the breaking point international aid agencies are now appealing for help to deal with the staggering number of refugees in the country and as we speak one in five people in lebanon is a refugee from syria. we have this report. attacking
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the eighteenth he and his family fled homes permitted on the campus a fixed on him he's the one million registered syrian refugee him um i don't have a million refugees and the unknown is enormous and even then many people staying in syria because they know tonight's very hot every single refugee reflects the life that has been absolutely devastated by this crisis. we're doing our best to keep off the lebanese society is incredibly strange but the additional burden that these refugees are bringing to bear in a tiny country. the most support refugees in any of the country see melody to its size. the un says that could be detrimental to the entire region. that lavender and become de stabilize what that would mean in terms of how much more difficult that would be to form a solution inside syria and the risk that could have condemned israel's stability the kind
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of home. grant that would provide two formula to nine years. the sussex hopping and displaced people inside syria i mean to live and on top and ninety thousand to jordan six of us in two thousand and ten t two hundred and twenty thousand in iraq to one hundred and forty thousand in the chips. as the feisty in syria continues the number of those leading the country rises. you attract the same amount of attention as he did get to kentucky. now turkey has lifted a ban on the social networking service twitter. the daddy of the country's top court ruled that it was unconstitutional officials said full access to twitter would be restored within a matter of hours the court said the band was a breach of freedom of expression. turkish prime minister wrote to tie a better one impose the ban after allegations about russian circulated on the micro blogging website send some business news
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the european parliament has voted to eliminate roaming charges. cross for him above the new stents good news the legislation before bids and providers from charging extra for calling texting and internet use when people are traveling in other eu member states. the legislation will apply from mid december two thousand fifteen but providers and industry groups are warning that prices will only be raised elsewhere in response the individual the state still have to give their blessing to us. are your views and remains as it is ready to take swift action to head off the threat of it d felicia. ecb chief money and run he says that to include on conventional methods such as quantitative easing as the son of mine belongs to my financial system. he made the remarks after the central bank announced it was holding its benchmark interest rate steady drizzle global forecasting of assistance color the middle to those on commission alleges the stock rally here in europe with
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germany's dax closing up closer to that entails month of the ever so slightly the euro sto fifty a final the top of this and thirty two years six including the month. it was profit taking across the atlantic with the del fooling someone to europe now so when you are still thirty seven sixteen when the fugitive in a state leader edward snowed it may soon receive an invitation to testify before a german parliamentary inquiry committee. i was looking into electronic surveillance in germany by the us national security agency the united states is seeking the extradition of snow to receive temporary asylum in russia the posse will make up cause christians to fill up the mess that is leah. he sees testimony by david snowdon as the mosques for the pot of chicken meat sheep riding nsa surveillance in gemini. this copy things that some government deputies say
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the issue is a proto one this piece titled does alongside this is not an inquiry committee about deadwood snowed in all our job is to investigate mass eavesdropping on german citizens in jenin institutions in all art is it's for the suspended must testify. nor do i need to find dave snowden is the key to clearing up the nsa seven scandal. if he's the one with its recognizable into a computer knows the most high and can contribute immensely to getting them from there uncertainty surrounds the affair. the evidence consists mostly of snide and snakes to the media the panel focused just on the nsa for germany's on services to at least he did this consensus the greenhouse and easing will also focus on the questions to what extent the jam and services and government offices get involved. hamas did he know about these activities. but
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the fund is a tv taping posting. the panel will decide in june which witnesses to call. it's been discussed to scrutinize the details of the case history was greek immigrant about politics. more than a minute. ew. each. lines
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tuesday the reports and analysis. players coaches. i warned you. through countries where democracy is under threat of key elections in the next phase in afghanistan the taliban is there to be doing a bit stinky democracy and stability from worship and in hungary an interesting transformation is already under way let's look at the first prime minister viktor vaughn he is said to hold onto power. while in office his right wing government has passed hundreds of laws some favorable to the ruling party they include new election rules allowing two hundred thousand ethnic areas in neighboring countries to vote critics are not the more a mass movement than a
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political party. and that's certainly how hungry the governing conservative party few days is presenting itself in the run up to sunday's election the marchers want prime minister viktor web on three election. some of their banners are an english designed to ensure he was abroad get the message to the european union has repeatedly accused or bonds government of undermining democracy. you have been quite that we have come here today to tell each other our country and the loads that we seek full monty is four more years the bonds parties had two thirds majority in parliament since the last election and he used it to make changes in hungary's constitution. he introduced a new electoral law that favors the current government and media law that restricts the freedom of the press the governing party's toasters dominate downtown budapest. the opposition says the company that controls most outdoor ad space is accepted only a few
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opposition ads because it favors the governments and still live on is everywhere the government running and nationalist be to win voters leaders of the big jewish community in budapest accuse the government of seeking to rewrite history. seventy years ago. hungarian were deported to auschwitz concentration camp. in january the government unveiled a model of the proposed new monument showing a german eagle attacking an innocent hungarian. louis i of hungary was an innocent time. because that's the hungarian administration. the whole stage. the whole hungarian government was an ally of germany and an ally of the nazis. they fought side by side. the center left opposition has struggled to mobilize voters. it was divided for too long. only in january. did the three main
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center left parties including former prime minister going on and i agreed to campaign on a joint platform and even then the campaign is mostly focused on criticizing or bonds government rather than offering fresh policies they could chew was bt the sort of post soviet position of the four countries return to the european nor above us. it would seem that the best center left can hope for is to prevent the government from getting another two thirds parliamentary majority opinion polls indicate that our bond will get what he wants. it was like he's going to get boys once again that we joined us to use the lawyer hungry expert parts of the art if you look in hungary from the european union is born of your being there been a bit more is that press freedom come under threat. because he's dealing with his jewish minority of all pro rights nationalist rhetoric on. we hear that
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criticism coming out but what is a popular mayor. right well i think the prison has been a little bit boring to me he's not a far right party package biggest problems trying to rein in the far right party the gop and they are at quite antisemitic in many respects. a team basically has been able to keep to his promises. in other words he said he gets that he gets isn't she the epic understood the seventies services but their generation. mimi pertains to the two and a half million strong ethic i'm gearing minorities in the country's around concrete that's a big deal for them and of course because it was oregon who pushed a lot through the really good to be voting for fedex like to turn the tables run in five weeks but the big thing he did it help them out financially by reducing utility rates of gas water and a gas and water and i and oil electricity there's the three big reductions now and everybody's benefit his populism but it works in one of the opposition why hasn't it been able to go into a serious threat to the parable of a male because to be rocked by scandals and
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indiana advice presented the socialist party is now in custody because it's bounty if he's there on suspicion of that of the fed not cleaning and a lot of acetone is a tax returns eight. they also found that he has a fake passport from the use of guinea and now at the person who reads that passport i get to please all the other information there's lots of money in bank accounts all over the place. it all every year tens of millions of euros. everywhere we are to me as does the former were ready on time this extreme right this year but our teacher talked about the parties expect to get twenty percent of the vote and should the show the world in a neighbor's be alarmed by that. it's a trend for toy that's happening all over at a european look what's happening in france. so yes it's a big problem and how daddy to appease the people who want to vote for people like that it's difficult does that really difficult to do without when our hearts as in agreement or the people of afghanistan head to the polls this weekend to elect a new
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president and it's an important step in their transition to democracy common cause i is said to be the first man in the country's five thousand years of recorded history to voluntarily seen how a constitution based on the whim of the people that doesn't automatically mean that the ballot. two more runs. afghan election workers have begun distributing pot of cultures and say everything is on schedule to start today's presidential sites. some twenty eight thousand polling stations are being sent up. once the comfy reach bike truck will have materials to the plight of peace. security fears leaving the knowledge it to the poll with taliban militants threatening attacks on election day. copper and other cities of a little damp something to say they have made up their minds whether to shut off the polling stations there were threats of violence in the straight but the vatican and nobody
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will vote. second i myself will turn out to build under those conditions. but security is very tiny but still woke up the week the sea anemone. president karzai has left the country since the us led invasion to topple the taliban in two thousand and one is constitutionally bought from it that in one of the frontrunners to succeed in full the foreign minister abdullah abdullah says he's confident the rubble can be avoided it is expected. that too. for some who decide the winner. indeed in the elections the truth and to be overcome. often their differences would be acceptable to get deep enough or prawns. i wasted said this down to any candidate will win the majority in the firstos afghanistan's next the debt will have to decide whether to engage the time about in
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peace talks. on whether to sign a security pact with the united states. ok some hands on science for you now they call them i'd take our eyes in the sky. in about one in the off hours from now a new era in cultivation will be launched at a rugby during the first in the string of satellites will blast off from french guiana in south america know it's a joy to your project with the european space agency worth about four between your works program could prove invaluable. saving countless lives from environmental catastrophe. i know. since the one is the age of seven hundred kilometers. it's the first of six sites that will make up the european medical monitoring system copernicus was i i i am using a dog just to set this up and it will be able to
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separate the entire day. its mission is to gather urgently needed date to the apartment and finance. the ice caps that gets home to change it agency staff is responding to natural disasters velocity and to use the data beamed down to just knock off the connection. the radar technology on board keeps this up so much an uninterrupted view of the lineup and it set the stage to cry aye aye aye aye. portis rockies since no one can tell. eight what is with the expected rate is damaged. as they can reach the affected areas as quickly as possible. information wants to be. it is going to extreme weather. data from space providing an audience of people. oh and the cha to
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the internet. right around the inn spa well he is a basic intro into french guiana is convinced he's the director of the cultivation programs there are plenty of satellites out there looking down at the us what's special about us. with the ato says internet is a delight to sit the ongoing formal punishment system. so what if don static ips and twenty p to alpha and the amended to be securely tea and says it's a major step forward. to specific city like me i'm going to the extent that long is because it is that it is a good night and made a mistake a ppt to go through with the talents and to see on to by night and day. how could that be useful to people in flood regions for example to
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seek sixty ft says kaye says it's ready you was quick to be a bit to go through which acknowledged that the cause of many innovations usually have a cloud cover because it's raining and send it and if you are still tickets to tonight's you can bet the venue was seated at the lights out quickly with the information available to people talking real tough time. reading up on watercolor paper ddt to go will miss the days go by that date to be listed. i have yet to spitting up with this utopian day for the lace at the right system and sis is and what geek when you need it and so in some minutes to the data can be the day leaders from the european space agency a pleasure having you on the show. and will keep you up today cos of that launch that's coming up in our top twenty. i know. he
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said. in the sea. after playing. that offer. watching one of all. got a hug. every year. what's more it's a
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story each day exclusive amy g networks. to top story line is today's most intriguing topic as told but it makes the premier global content partners back to back in english. what a m in washington. enlightenment you are never lacking here in philly it's good to hear like from the event. i conveyed that stealing is just too new and it makes the network's toddler and he makes the ads on tv will continue to share with your
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friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks. and new living room the tree somebody's got to get an a ha. and i look. i think you see something of what is the great wednesday. i must say that in united states. to millions of dollars. sons and daughters. twenty five million. in fact for some dinner was great about island links between ireland and the united states are not endangering the country twenty two us presidents name irish heritage chose to respond to our room. however if president reagan and kennedy descendants were trying to immigrate to the united states


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